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Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. My name is Guerlince Semerzier. I am a Nonprofit Organization Strategist. Please take a few minutes to browse around and learn how I can best serve your school, church, company or your nonprofit organization in general. I encourage you to sign up for updates about my upcoming book, weekly videos, monthly newsletter, conference calls, podcast, webinars and other workshops/seminars. Please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.

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If you are a Church, School or Nonprofit Organization of any kind, in order to be successful, you must work hard and be a problem solver. Your creativity and imagination to develop new programs, projects, products, services and Ideas are consistently required.



The goal of this training is to empower organization staff with the tools to develop sustainable projects. This is a three- day workshop that will specifically focus on project planning, management and budgeting. Throughout the training series…



As an Achievement Leadership Coach, my job is to help you to develop a clear blue print that create results you need to achieve everything you desire as a leader or as an executive.  My goal is to assist you to unleash your unlimited personal potentials…..



I can customized a presentation message specially designed for your audience that can help captivate, inspire individuals to make a positive transformational change in their prospective views.

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