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5 Growth Strategies for Small Nonprofits

1. Think Big, Execute Smart This first strategy is all about being practical today to achieve your long-term aspirations. Practicality doesn’t have to be a dream buster. Thinking big means that you eventually have to think about scaling up your work. To serve more people, you need to have the infrastructure to execute as you grow. This is why it’s so important for nonprofits to invest in their operations. Whether it’s the right CRM or durable, long-lasting equipment, you need to [...]


Grants for Starting a Summer Camp for Kids

If you are starting a kids’ summer camp, you can maximize the number of children who can attend by finding grants that will help you cover operating costs; this way you have more money to offer scholarships to students who cannot afford to attend or to travel to camp. Learning about all the types of grants for starting a summer camp for kids will help you save time and money. In fact, you can even find grants that will [...]