As an Achievement Leadership Coach, my job is to help you to develop a clear blueprint that creates results you need to achieve everything you desire as a leader or as an executive.  My objective is to assist you to unleash your unlimited potentials to achieve your goals for your organization. I want to help you find and explore all your hidden talents and abilities that you have yet explore or to help stretch your potentials and abilities to a new level.

I use a “no-nonsense,” highly focused and disciplined approach to customize transformation results that work just for you. I will give you the tools and the structure that you need to become productive, energized, motivated and inspired.

Leadership coaching is not right for every nonprofit leader because it takes a real commitment to change and a willingness to make difficult decisions. Coaching is right for a nonprofit staff member, board member or philanthropist who:

  • Is tired of the status quo and is open to new approaches
  • Wants to have difficult, but game-changing conversations
  • Needs a thinking partner to help make strategic decisions

I have coached nonprofit executive directors, board members, development directors, program directors, and foundation program officers to resolve the challenges standing in their way

Executive Director & Program Director Coaching

  • Create a more effective, engaged board of directors
  • Structure your staff to better meet your goals
  • Implement and monitor your strategic plan
  • Establish or strengthen key external relationships
  • Better communicate with and engage staff
  • Streamline program delivery
  • Create and implement a performance management plan
  • Create an effective annual financing plan
  • Launch a major donor campaign
  • Engage your board in fundraising
  • Develop more effective back-end fundraising systems.

Board Member Coaching

  • Identify fellow board members who can help change the board
  • Recruit and develop new board members
  • Develop effective roles and responsibilities for the board
  • Structure the board for maximum impact
  • Access the unique skills of every board member
  • Train the board on fundraising

Philanthropist Coaching

  • Develop grant programs that encourage higher-performing nonprofits.
  • Determine how to strategically fund nonprofit organization building.
  • Help your grantees develop more financially sustainable organizations.
  • Have more productive conversations with grantees
  • Better understand the realities that your nonprofit grantees are facing.

I urge you to act now! A month or a year from now, you are going to wish that you got started today.  You deserve to be great. You deserve to live your dreams and your passion. You deserve it to achieve your goals. I would love the opportunity to help you achieve all of this. Please contact me at