Financial Plan

Financial Plan – Consulting

Many nonprofits operate without a comprehensive plan for bringing in enough money to meet the organization’s financial goals.

A financing plan, unlike a traditional fundraising plan, is an integrated, thoughtful, and strategic way to help your nonprofit raise enough money to achieve your programmatic and organizational goals. When you finance instead of fund-raise for your organization, you are developing a long-term strategy for bringing enough money to achieve your mission.

A financing plan is much more effective than a fundraising plan in a number of ways. Unlike a fundraising plan, a financing plan:

  • Raises ALL the money required to achieve your strategic plan
  • Includes ALL activities that bring money in the door
  • Supports your short and long term goals.
  • Funds your programs and infrastructure.
  • Aligns with your core competencies and mission

As your Financial Plan Consultant, I will work with you and your team to establish the following:

  • Develop a Budget for your Strategic Plan
  • Analyze Opportunities for Revenue Growth
  • Create Revenue Goals
  • Determine Necessary Capital
  • Strengthen Financing Infrastructure
  • Creating an Operation Plan

My goal as your consultant is to help your nonprofit organization to achieve those critical steps. I would be honored to help you achieve all the needs of your organization. Please feel free to contact me,