Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan – Consulting

In an increasingly competitive, resource-strapped world, a great nonprofit strategy is less of a luxury and increasingly a necessity. Without an overall strategy, a nonprofit is relegated to the world of “doing good work,” instead of the world of “making a real difference.”

These days more and more funders, supporters, advocates, partners and decision makers are requiring that nonprofits do more than just good work. Smart nonprofit strategy can completely transform your nonprofit. It will:

  • Create Momentum
  • Filter Future Decisions
  • Become a Management Tool
  • Realize More Change

Here are a few steps that I will take your nonprofit through to create a strategic plan:

  • Creating the right Team
  • Internal Resources
  • External Resources
  • Refine Vision and Mission
  • Develop Goals and Objectives
  • Create the right Financial Model
  • System and Procedures of Operational plans

My goal as your consultant is to help your nonprofit organization to achieve those critical steps. I would be honored to help you achieve all the needs of your organization.  Please feel free to contact me: